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A Christmas Story -Second Part


By Nora Vasconcelos

(You can read the 1st part here)

People screamed on the wagon. Horror was all around. In a second, James was gone.

Gone, but not dead. The dim light that covered his face added confusion to his altered state of mind.

He didn’t feel any particular pain, even when he could see some blood stains colouring different parts of his damaged clothes, which looked more like rags than the original suit that they had composed just a few moments ago.

Am I really alive? He wondered.

Then he saw him. A man approached him.

He got scared. It was then when he knew he was really alive …and helpless.

The man kept observing him as he got closed.

“Who are you?” James managed to ask.

“I am the one who lives in the subway tunnels.” He explained as he kneeled down to treat James’ injuries. His ability was unbelievable.

“Who are you?” James asked again. Not waiting for his answer he say: “you have act as if you were a doctor. How did you end up here?”

The man stood up and started to walk away, leaving James somehow fixed but alone and confused. Then he turned back. “Come,” he said.

Slowly and painfully, James got on his feet. With a limp and some groans, he walked towards him. But his steps were fast, and soon the only thing James could see were blurry shadows, among them, only one resembled the silhouette of a man.

Some meters ahead, he finally caught up with the man, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. This man, who had rescued him from the track and had cured his wounds, now was offering him a place to stay for Christmas.

“it’s not much,” he said, “but this will keep you warm until daytime comes and I can show you your way out.”

“Thank you …for everything.” James said.

While he was lying down, looking at the concrete walls he wondered if he should asked his savior one more time who he was and how he had got there, but he resist the urgency to know. Instead, he try to sleep.

The trains had stopped running and darkness covered all the space around him. Then all what had happened to him that long unusual day came to his mind.  It had been only in the morning when he had gone to work, business as usual, thinking all things would be right, and just a few hours later, he was there, protected by a man who didn’t want to speak to him but who had saved his life.

Christmas day has already passed, was I even missed…? That thought made James shivered. Would I end the same as this man who has rescued him? Exhaustion prevented him from elaborating all sort of answers.

The first thing he heard the following morning was the typical sound of the trains running on the subway tracks. Pain all over his body reminded him of what had happened to him.

The mysterious man wasn’t there anymore. In his place, a thin envelop appeared. “To the man I saved,” it read.

Sitting down slowly, James took some time to come to full awareness. His fingers touch the letter and felt it. It wasn’t heavy, may be it was just a simple note. Would I get the answers to some of my questions? He wondered.

“Yesterday you asked me who I was and how I had ended up here. The truth is that I have asked myself the same two questions over and over. All I remember is that one day I was a well-known physician and the other I became this shadow of a man that you have seen. I have no recollection of what happened to me. But yesterday, when I saw you falling off that train and when I fix your wounds a sense of urgency took over me. I might never know how I ended up here, or who I am, but I do know now that I want to go out there and do more with my life. What will you do with yours?”

The note ended there. James was overwhelmed. There he was -or he had been-, contemplating the worst way to end all his predicaments when the sliding doors suddenly opened, and just a few meters away there was a man who had lost everything and he didn’t even know how or why, and even so, he wanted to live. What will I do with my life? It’s such a good question.

While entertaining this thoughts in his head, he discovered that on the other side of the note, the man had drawn a map showing him how to get out of the tunnels, and so, his life was about to start again.

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A Christmas Story – Part One

By Nora Vasconcelos


James leaned his head towards the sliding doors of the subway wagon he was traveling on.

It was only then when he noticed a man wearing a Santa Claus suit. This made him feel worst.

Being fired hadn’t been bad enough. The company had waited until the last minute, on Christmas day, to let him know that he was no longer an employee of Sweets & Snacks.

“Don’t take it personal, Jimmie. With all these people going on a diet, and the new laws and taxes discouraging people from buying products like ours, we have to downsize the company if we want to give enough money to our Research and Development department,  so they can come up with new sweets and snacks that fit into these new trends. Besides, you had mentioned that you wanted to take some time off to spend it with your family. Look at this as an opportunity to make it up to them.”

James knew they were right, but he just couldn’t understand how he was the only one chosen to go. He tought things were going okay, more than okay!

He had put on many extra hours all the year, getting the financial department in working order, after the previous manager had left the company with a self-paid ‘bonus’.

With nobody noticing it, 8,000 dollars had ‘disappeared’ from the petty cash box. It was only until James started working in the company, 12 months ago that, little by little, he put together all the pieces of the puzzle, noticing the frecuent visits the manager made to the cash area, with silly excuses such as a parking fine, when everybody new he walked from his apartment to the office, or those tickets for takeaway orders at late hours, when no pizza nor chinese packages were anywhere to be seen the following morning.

One day, in December last year, James arrived to the office thinking it’d be business as usual, until he saw the manager going out of the director’s office, ushered by two very tall and strong police officers. On his way out, he looked at James and yield at him ‘you’ll pay for this, Jimmie. I swear to it.’

Next thing he knew, he was the new manager. The big boss had offered him a nice pay raise and an office with a magnificent view of the new fashionable tall buildings in the city.

Then, his job became his whole life, and his office, his new home. James worked over Christmas and New Year’s. He also missed all the birthays and school events of his three kids, and his wife got tired of listening to him saying ‘I’ll make it up to you.’

Twelve months later, when the financial deparment was operating under a new set of standards and procedures, and the company had recovered not only the money stolen by the previous manager, but had got a very nice profit, despite the new trends in the market, James thought that he’d finally have time to spend with his family, and with his Christmas bonus he would take his wife on a wonderful trip around Europe, all the main shopping malls included.

It was then when all went wrong. All of a sudden he found himself without a job, leaving the building with his dreams broken and a silly check that hardly covered a month of his salary. ‘This are tough times, Jimmie,’ his ex-boss’ words resounded in his head.

‘Luckily’ he’d been allowed to take his things with him, all awkwardly positioned inside a cardboard box that the day before had contained some of the monthly supplies of paper for the copy machine.

An ordinary letter of recommendetion was part of the stuff he had filled the box with, along with several photos of his wife and kids, and some brochures that a travel agent had given to him a few days before, with all sort of European tours.

Of course, he had to return the company car; so, now, he was riding the subway. And here he was, with his head leaning on the sliding doors, watching the man disguised as Santa Claus.

How was he going to tell his wife and kids that he had been fired?, he wondered.

He took his sight apart from Santa, and looked intensely toward the railway. All inside the tunnel was dark. The only light that he could see came from the train.

Then a strange thought crossed his mind …what if?  He shivered.

He turned his face back and saw Santa playing with a little girl, they both were laughing. Memories of the happy times with his family took over his mind. Then, that somber idea crossed his mind again …what if?

He contemplated the idea for a little longer this time. After all, he’d become a stranger now, his family might as well be better without him. At least they would have the insurance money.

Then, the unexpected happened. The sliding doors opened when the train was traveling at a high speed between two stations.

James was expelled of the wagon with such violence that not even strong and magical Santa could hold onto his legs on his efforts to bring him back into the train.

While flying away towards the immense oscurity of the tunnel, people on the train could listen to James calling out for help, screaming with his voice full of terror: I don’t want to die!

* * *

To be continued next week  🙂 


(You can read the second part here)

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Made in México


By Nora Vasconcelos

In the second half of the 19th century, José María Velasco enchanted the world with his paintings in which he depicted with precise detail the landscapes of the Valley of México and the outskirts of the Mexican capital.

His studies at the San Carlos Academy, under the guidance of the Italian artist Eugenio Landesio, his deep interest in science, and his encounter with the French Impressionist, combined in a way that he was able to bring alive colourful scenes of the Mexican Landscape.

Velasco did that with such detail that many of his paintings have been the base for the study of the geography and botanic that existed in central México before buildings and houses cover this territory.

His profound love and observation of his country are something that it’s admired up to these days.

His art is just one of the many wonderful things Made in México.

As it is its history and culture, which have been recognized by Unesco. Nowadays, México has the largest number of World Heritage Sites in the Americas, and it’s placed seventh in the world. Part of this list includes the archaeological zones of  Chichen Itza, Palenque, El Tajin and Teotihuacan, as well as the city centres of Mexico city, Guanajuato and Morelia.

Modern architects such as Luis Barragán, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Ricardo Legorreta and Teodoro González de León contributed to design the new capital city, bringing strong firm colours to structures that are easily identifiable around the world as Mexican design. Along them, painters such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and writers like Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Carlos Fuentes y Octavio Paz, have gotten high recognition around the world.

Unesco has also designated Mexican cuisine as ‘intangible cultural heritage’. And if course it impossible not to mention the production of Tequila and Mezcal, coveted all around the world. Guacamole and great coffee, are also Made in México.

So, as José María Velasco did in his time, nowadays we can admire México for all its greatness, having in mind that the same as bad things happen in this country, they happen in any other country, and México is a place full of beauty and hardworking people proud of their heritage.


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