Charming animal stories

Animal stories (drawing by POV)
When I was a little child I was given as a present a book about typical Mexican stories. The book wasn’t famous and the author wasn’t known worldwide, but it talked about animals. I’ve always liked them, so I remember myself getting all fascinated while reading the story by Martin Cortina about a wild horse that used to go around the prairies and the valleys. However the story that really took my breath away (because all the laughs I had from it) was the one about a possum that liked to go around the forest of Veracruz (Mexico) chasing the good and easy life, getting all the free food he could get. In the story the animal is called Little uncle possum, and even though he’s funny and charming, he’s often chased and cursed by the people he has taken food away, but in the end, he gets all sort out and manages to live a happy life!
When I was little I also used to love (I still do) all sort of stories about bunnies. My very first favorite bunny tale was Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter. Back then I got amazed by how beautiful the bunnies were and how alived they looked. I totally loved them, and I still do it. Later on I discovered the Velveteen Rabbit, a story by Margaret Williams, with drawings by William Nicholson. What got my heart from this story was the idea of Williams about the rabbit wishing to stop being a toy and become a living rabbit, only by the love of its owner. According to the story, the more kids play with their toys, the more alive they become! I quite like it!


Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

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