The simple things in life

The simple things in life
Ice cream and imaginary friends
Not so long ago, while reading about the 119 anniversary of the creation of the Sundae, a book immediately came to my mind. Sundays at Tiffany’s.
The book by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet tells the story about a girl who loves ice cream and spends a lot of time sharing her thoughts with an imaginary friend. As the girl grows up, she keeps her love for ice cream and fells in love with her imaginary friend. Then, of course. things get complicated but in the end, everything turns really well for the girl and for her imaginary friend.
The story’s so fascinating that the pages simply go fast one after the other as the curiosity grows to learn what happens next with the characters. I also liked the sense of innocence that’s kept all the time as the story develops.
It also made me think about how simple things in life such an ice cream can make better your life, even as if it’s just for a short moment, and how our minds sometimes look for someone to talk and clear our thoughts, even if it’s just someone who comes from our imagination. Very common in children, not so common in adult, though. However, for us there are always those imaginary conversations we hold with people, trying to see how a specific situation will develop. As for ice cream, I think this is something we’ll always love. At least, I’ll always do it!

P.S. Here’s some more information about the history of the Sundae 🙂


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