Dear memories from a lost place

The closing of Borders.
It was my last day in Honolulu. I had being traveling all around the Hawaiian island, at least as much as I could, but there was a place I hadn’t been yet: the big Borders store at the Victoria Ward Centre.
It wasn’t on my way, but I took the bus anyway to go there. I had seen the store the very first day I arrived to the island. Ever since, I knew I had to stop by, as I used to do it in any place I was visiting. The bookstore tour is a must always in my to-do list whenever I’m planning a trip.
So, I took the bus and after a while I got there. I walked a little bit to find the entrance to the store, but once I managed to get there… it was really hard for me to go out.
I wander around the aisles to get familiar with the distribution of the shelves and to locate the areas I was more interested in and to shop a few books. Then, I stopped by the Seattle coffee and had was I’ve loved: a hazelnut latte. Absolutely yummy.
I took my coffee outside to enjoy the beautiful views from the terrace. The weather was magnificent, as it was expected, and right in front of the place, across the avenue, it was the ocean! What else could I asked for, I loved bookstore which I had visited frequently for over a decade in different places, my first bunch of book just acquired, a delicious latte, and me enjoying the view. I was truly satisfied.
After some time outside, I went back to the store. Then the book-attack started again. I totally got lost in the Hawaiian section, and did, as usually lots of walking around the fiction area. The end of the tour was in the music section.
During one of the day tours I had taken, the guide played on the bus for us a cd of Hawaiian music. I liked it a lot but I never had the chance to ask him what it was its title or who were the performers. So I told the clerk: I’m looking for a cd of Hawaiian music that sound a little bit like those chorus presented by Perry Como… Ok, I know it wasn’t the most precise description, and of course I was expecting the guy to give me a weird look… but he didn’t! He took some time and picked up a bunch of cd that might fill my sort of description, and let me listen to them. it worked like magic!
In the end.. I left the place carrying a heavy load of books, a cd of Hawaiian music, a big smile and a happy spirit.
Through the years, I’ve collected several happy stories like this coming from the huge amount of time I spend in bookstores. Many of them are related to Borders, but this one, in Hawaii is the most special one, and that’s why, it’s the one I chose to share with everybody, now that it’s being announced that this charming bookstore it’s going out of business.
There’s no doubt that it’s gonna leave a huge sense of emptiness next time I stop by one of the places a Borders store used to be. But from now on I’ll always treasure the fine memories I’ve collected in so many cities where the stop at Borders was a part of my trip. For now, it’s only left to say Aloha Borders, mahalo for the good times.

Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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