Dear Diego. Love, Quiela

A sad love story.
There are some times when we’re down that a story full of strong feelings make us reconnect with reality and help us place our somehow hurt feeling back on track.
One of this stories is a short book with only 72 pages, written by the Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska in which she recreates, in a fictional way, the love story between the painters Diego Rivera, from Mexico, and the Russian artist Angelina Beloff.
In the book, Angelina is represented by a young woman called Quiela, who has fallen deeply in love with the Mexican painter.
As they walk apart, Quiela remains in love with the artist, and starts writing a series of letters in which she tells all about her life and let all her feeling for Rivera show.
It’s from this correspondence that the book takes its title, as if it were the begining and the end of the letter.
However, the story takes a sad tone as it advances because in spite of the several letters that Quiela has sent to Diego, he never actually replies with a love letter.
Even as it seems that Quiela realizes that she has lost the love of her Diego, she keeps on writing, some times in an understanding manner due to the many activities that absorbe Diego’s time; some other times, Quiela tries to reproach Diego’s indiference.
In the end, Quiela just gives up, and despite the lack of interest from the man she loves, she admits that she’ll always love him, keeping the readers with the sad feeling of not being able to comfort this soul that hasn’t being able to get over her lost love.

Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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