As far as your imagination takes you

Going as far as your imagination can take you.
This week my post is about two of my favorite traveling books: Around the World in 80 days, by Jules Verne, and The Travels of Marco Polo. This two books were the first books that I read about fantastic journeys and both of the feed my mind and my imagination with amazing images of faraway places.
While reading this books I also realize what words togheter could do when they are placed in an extraordinary order. These two stories definitely guided my way to writing and to traveling of course.
Now I remember these books because for the next two week I’m taking my traveling book around fantastic places for me to get fresh ideas, see new things and get new titles and much more wonderful shots to share with all of you.
So, you won’t see me for a short while, but I’ll catch up as soon as I’m back.
Meanwhile, happy blogging!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Seize the day.
This is what I call taking the chance! 🙂

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The rush for the news

Where the stories come from.
A while ago I read a book called Scoop, by the british writer Evelyn Waugh. At first I thought it might be the book that was the inspiration for the movie produced en 2006 by Woody Allen that takes the same title, starring Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman.
I soon realized that this two were two completely different stories.
The book by Waugh tells the story of an English contributor that unexpectedly finds himself involved in a tense situation when he’s sent to cover a story to a foreign country.
After dealing with different events, he comes up with a big scoop that takes him back to London.
Although it takes the form of a drama, the story becomes really funny some times due to the way it’s written and it allows the readers to get involved in the inside world of journalism, sharing with them the rush for chasing the news.
As for the movie, its story is also related to journalisim, and it also contains many funny moments combined with some moments of suspense and tragic scenes.
In the end, I got really happy that I had the chance to know both stories and I still have this pleasant feeling of having read and seen two interesting and unique pieces of art.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

All what we need is to look around.
I love this image because it manages to express so much with no words at all.
All what it needs are its different elements and its strong colors, we just need to look deeply inside the shot and then ideas and possibilities start to pop up from the plaza.
Then, you see how the fountains share their joy with the palms that are not afraid of the clouds that announce the closseness of the hurricane.
At the back, hidden behind the trees, the town buildings expect restless what’s to come in the next moments.
To me, this is what possibilities are.
They always come in many forms and shapes; some times they’re obvious and some others we need to look for them. Some others they are right there, however hidden somewhere around us. Looking for possibilities is often an observation experience.

All my best! 🙂

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Where do you find your inspiration to write?

I usually find myself creating story after story, thinking which it’ll be the development of the plot?, What it would happend to my characters? What would they say? and How would they react at any given moment?

I get inspiration from everywhere and at any moment. I don’t know how it happens, it just comes to my mind. And some times I just don’t even realized, I just start writing, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It’s really really fun.

However, I totally know that sometimes the occupations and the stress of the everyday life can ruin inspiration. So, sometimes, in order to get my ideas back in place I like to exercise my mind while taking some ideas from those books that invite the reader to finish the stories by them selfs. Although most of them are focused to kids, I find really exciting going through the stories and imagining what it’d be the best ending for the stories, or the unexpected destiny of the characters if I choose wrong before taking the next step. I have to say that I find it really amousing and it really helps me out to relax and it gives my mind a “vacation time”. Then the ideas for my own stories start to flow again!

I’ve also found this title useful. It’s call Plots unlimited, by Tom Sawyer and Arthur David Weingarten. The book cotains ideas for masterplots, conflict situations and character combinations. With all of this ideas, it’s possible to form several combinations that always keep me really entertained.

And now after sharing these ides, I totally feel that it’s writing time!

Happy manuscripts to come!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

The magical essence of the sunset
There’s always something special in every sunset. It well might be the magnificent realization that it’s in this very moment when the Sun comes to meet the Sea to let him know that the Moon and the Starts are there, ready to cover the night with their dark blue cloth.