Miracles are coming to town!

Text and Photo by Nora Vasconcelos

A time when everything can happen.
Mrs. Merkle is a sweet lovely nosy old lady that appears unexpectedly when something needs to be fixed.

Nobody knows where she comes from, or how even she manages to appear right on time, what everybody notices is that she’s there and that she’s called Mrs. Miracle.

Everybody asks why? How so? Is that her real name?

She smiles and then she simply says that she’s Mrs. Merkle, but there has been a mistake and that she has been called Mrs. Miracle. And then, she carries on with watherver she’s doing.

This charming character is the main character of two books written by Debbie Macomber, Mrs. Miracle and Call me Mrs. Miracle.

In Call me Mrs. Miracle, Emily Merkle appears just in time to fix Christmas for a group of people who have lost their faith and go on with their lives, trying to regain the joy that comes with the holiday season.

Mrs. Miracle, of course, reaches everybody’s sensibility with her nosy-pushy sweetnes and makes them think about what life has to offer and how some things that might seam simple can be lift up the spirits of someone who’s looking for some hope.

As the story goes on, things starts to change and the characters get another perspective of Christmas, up to a point when they start getting aware of how wonderful this time of the year can be.

In the end, Mrs. Miracle achieves what she has come for and gets ready to make more people happy.

As long as she’s needed, she’ll be there!

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Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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