Happy birthday Traveling Book Club Blog!

Two years blogging!
So so great! This weekend is the second anniversay of my blog and I’m truly happy and a bit amazed by how fast the time has passed and how much I’ve enjoyed my blogging experience.

Throughout this two years, I’ve kept on learning and experimenting different things about keeping a blog such as the importance of the design, how important nice and interesting photograpies are, and how topics that add some personal expiriences are able to touch other bloggers lives.

I’ve also being moved by constant fellow bloggers who keep and eye on my blog week after week, and miss me when for one or other reason I have to skip one coment every now and then. To you, my dear fellow bloggers, my immense gratitude! I always enjoy hearing from you all and so many thanks for keeping company in this huge universe composed by words and images!

I have to say that this charming blog of mine also gives me the chance to share my thought about the books I read, my thoughts and reflexions about literature and its impact in our everyday lives, and from time to time, the movies and TV programs that I like or find interesting and that are related to books.

My traveling experiences have also being and important part of my posts and for that I’m grateful too, because it always put me in a great mood while remembering the places I’ve being lucky enough to visit.

So, now that the first two years of my blog have passed, I’m totally ready for many more blogging years to come.

Happy birthday my dear blog and thank you for opening a window to the world for me!

Cheers! 😀


Weekly Photo: Purple

Colorful life.
Wandering around I came across this colorful city scene in which the variaty of tones combined quite well and make this street gain a lively mood.

Licencia Creative Commons

Weekly Photo: Inside

The world inside.
Don’t you find fascinating to get inside of old building just to see what amazing surprises can you find? I totally love it!

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The sweetest of times

The Sweest ot times.
Every now and then, I come across with some of the Curios George books or cartoons on TV and then, it doesn’t matter how busy I am, I take some little time off to enjoy the cheerful adventures of this lovely sweet monkey that was created in the 1930’s by the German couple Margret and H.A. Rey.

The stories might seem simple and focused on little children but the innocence shown by this curious monkey called George, make him completely irresistible.

It’s being the same since the beginning when Margret wrote her first children’s book Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys, book that was illustrated by her husband Hans A. Rey.

It was back then in the last century when Curious George managed to stand out over the other monkeys presented in the story, and because of this, Margret and H.A Rey, started to create new stories in which George always gets in trouble due to his unstoppable curiosity and it’s always due to his immense charm that he manages not only to get out of trouble but also to save the day, every day!

The most recent Curious George books that I’ve read are, Curious George Gets a Medal, in which George goes to the space; Curious George goes camping, and my very favorite one: Curious George goes to a Chocolate factory.

It’s in this book, when George finds his way inside of a chocolate factory, where he’s absolutely happy getting to know, and to eat, of course, different kinds of chocolate. As things go wrong with one of the machines, George’s ability to catch and pack many chocolates at the same time helps the workers to get all the boxes done despite the problems with the machinery.

As I was passing the pages of the book, it was hard for me not to feel like eating chocolate, and then my mind flew back to the time I visited the Hershey’s town in Pennsylvania, and also when I went to the Hershey’s Macadamia nuts factory in Hawaii, where I, the same as little George, had the chance to see how Macadamia chocolates were made.

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Weekly Photo: Dreaming

A whole world of possibilities, ready for us to decide where our dreams want to lead us!

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Impossible to resist

A little piece of heaven
A couple of days ago, I was asked how I would prepare a sandwich of “epic” proportions.

The question was so funny, and the world “epic” so interesting, that I just couldn’t avoid the temptation of answering the question, and of course, preparing the very same sandwich afterwards.

My dreamed sandwich was made with thick slices of European bread made with olives, several slices of smoked ham, some regular pork ham, a couple of gruyere cheese slices, mozzarella and Philadelphia cheese, basil leaves, tomato and avocado slices, mayonnaise, some salt and pepper, and olive oil drops.

When all of it was ready, I grilled it for some minutes, just enough time for the cheeses to melt down and the bread to turn crispy.

Unfourtunately I didn’t take any pictures of my creation, because as soon as I finished it, I got so happy and hungry that I started eating it immediately.

Then, after I finished it, this delicious experience made me think of one of my favorite cooking books: Rachel Ray’s look + cook.

I’ve been a fan of Rachel Ray’s cooking programs for a long while, so I totally had to have this book that contains 100 of her most famous recipes, plus another 125 new recipes. All of them designed to be prepares in 30 minutes.

It was with this book that I learned how to prepare another amazing sandwich of “epic” proportions, this one is called “Meatball sub”. I tried it once and it was absolutely delicious. So much that I still remember how great it was.

Of course, the book contains so many more ideas that go from Italian pasta, to hamburgers, chicken, steaks and vegetables. So, even if you’re not feeling like cooking one day, just by going through the recipes is a great way to get in a fantastic mood and getting into cooking again.

Happy meals!

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Weekly Photo: Movement

Tons of fun!
It’s always so rewarding to see how little kids can have so much fun with very simple things like this little boy that’s enjoying the fast movements of this ride at the fair.

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The reader’s dilemma

So many book. Too little time…
A couple of days ago, as I was leaving home, I noticed that I wasn’t carrying any book in my bag, so I rapidly turned back and extended my hand to reach for one. It was then when I face a terrifying moment of doubt… in that very moment I was totally unable to decide which book should I take!

I usually keep track of two or three books at the same time, and I often find very easily to deal with all of them, giving each one a specific reading time.

However, every once in a while I get completely “trap” by more than one story, and then it’s when I face what I’ve called The reader’s dilemma: How I’m supposed to choose one book I can’t put down over another that I can’t either stop reading?

The dilemma grows bigger when I have limited time to read during the day, and then, when I finally make a choice (after several times going from one to other before I actually pick one), I really enjoy my reading, but deep inside I keep wondering what’s going to happen next with the other book’s plot and characters?

Of course, when I get back home, I immediately pick up that solitary book that was left behind due to time limitation (and some other time because of the limited space in my bag that’s always packed with heavy stuff) and then it feels like as if it were a wonderful reunion between two very good friends that got apart a long time ago.

It’s in this moment, when the reading is going amazingly well, when I alw ays face another one of these reader’s dilemmas, because by then I’m so tired that it’s very difficult for me to keep my eyelids open. But… I want to keep on reading!!!! So… I go the extra mile until I unconsciously surrender to the magical powers of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.

Naturally, when I wake up the following morning, with the book by my side, I can’t help wondering: “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were possible to read and sleep at the same time?”

So far, I haven’t been able to find a positive answer for this question, so, meanwhile, I keep dealing with my reading dilemmas, finding them quite amusing and interesting.

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