Happy birthday Traveling Book Club Blog!

Two years blogging!
So so great! This weekend is the second anniversay of my blog and I’m truly happy and a bit amazed by how fast the time has passed and how much I’ve enjoyed my blogging experience.

Throughout this two years, I’ve kept on learning and experimenting different things about keeping a blog such as the importance of the design, how important nice and interesting photograpies are, and how topics that add some personal expiriences are able to touch other bloggers lives.

I’ve also being moved by constant fellow bloggers who keep and eye on my blog week after week, and miss me when for one or other reason I have to skip one coment every now and then. To you, my dear fellow bloggers, my immense gratitude! I always enjoy hearing from you all and so many thanks for keeping company in this huge universe composed by words and images!

I have to say that this charming blog of mine also gives me the chance to share my thought about the books I read, my thoughts and reflexions about literature and its impact in our everyday lives, and from time to time, the movies and TV programs that I like or find interesting and that are related to books.

My traveling experiences have also being and important part of my posts and for that I’m grateful too, because it always put me in a great mood while remembering the places I’ve being lucky enough to visit.

So, now that the first two years of my blog have passed, I’m totally ready for many more blogging years to come.

Happy birthday my dear blog and thank you for opening a window to the world for me!

Cheers! 😀

Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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