The writer’s dilemma

by NVS
Finding the light.
On of the moments I enjoy the most during the day is when I’m writing, then the ideas come to my mind, one after the other, composing all kind of stories. Many times I find myself writing stories even when I’m not actually writing, it’s just the way the ideas get together in my head when I’m walking, commuting, watching something or listening to someone.

Even more, all these unstoppable stories even come to my head when I’m asleep in the form of dreams that begin and end with characters speaking and places showing their colorful essence.

May be it’s because of this that I always find interesting reading about the life and craft of writers that have become famous through their work.

One of the stories that has had more impact on me is the first part ot the memoir written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, called in Spanish Vivir para Contarla (Living to tell the tale). Throughout his book, the Colombian author managed to transport my mind to those times when he started writing and how he didn’t felt dissappointed even when the circumstances weren’t favorable. I was even able to smell the ink of the presses while printing the newspapers during that time when Garcia Marquez used to work as a reporter.

Another moment that has managed to keep me thinking for a long time, was when I was going around San Francisco on a city tour and we passed by Dannielle Steel’s house, right on the top of a hill facing the bay. I remember I wonder then ‘how a writer can achieve that?’

Nowadays, I’ve also being wondering, how the mind of some writers work as for them to produce amazing and unique pieces of fantasy, such as Scott Fitzgerald with his Curious case of Benjamin Button, in which his main character starts his life as and old man and finishes it as a little baby.

However, the thought that has been keeping me really busy lately is this ‘how a writer can move on once their first book becomes a bestseller? This always make me think of the novel by Charles Dickens Great Expectations in which he presents the hopes and dreams of a struggling artist.

And while I keep on wondering about the ups and downs of the writing thing, I’ll also keep on enjoying it at every given moment.

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Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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