Books and chocolate, the perfect pair

By Nora Vasconcelos

White_chocolate_truffles by David Leggett
White_chocolate_truffles by David Leggett
When I realized this morning that today was the International day of Chocolate, my mind went back immediately to all those novels that have being written about this delicious food.

Then I also remembered the time when I watched the movie Chocolat (2000), staring Juliette Binnoche and Johnny Depp.

The magic of this movie, based on a book written by the British author Joanne Harris, is that the lives of each one of the main characters gets affected in one way or another by the Chocolate store recently opened by Vianne Rocher, a single mom that has arrived to this small town in France.

As the story advances, the texture and the form of the chocolates created by Rocher attract the interest of the villagers (and the viewers) up to some point that it’s really difficult not to feel like eating the closest chocolate bombom available.

Between chocolates and more chocolates, the lives of the characters change the same as the life of the little village and the own life of the chocolatier, who has gone through several challenges that have made her live in a restless way.

Although the movie has it’s own happy ending, it’s interesting to know that the author of Chocolat (originally published in 1999) wrote two more novels as a sequel of this novel, The Lollipop Shoes and Peaches for Monsieur le Curé, in which it’s possible to learn more about Vianne Rocher.

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Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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