Halloween reads

Let the Mystery capture your mind.
With the Halloween day getting closer I started to think about what reads would be good to get in the scary and mysterious mood required for the occasion. It was so that I came up with an interesting list of books that I like.

One of my favorite stories ever is the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. This story in which Dr Jekyll is the victim of his own experiment and goes wild acting as a complete different person while assuming the personality of Mr. Hyde is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. It also has being the base of several TV representations from movies to cartoons, all of them capturing the very essence of the transformation of this dark character that literary suffers of “split personality”.

Another book that’s among my favorites is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. With its always gracious writing, the Irish Author presents an extraordinary story of a man who never gets older, what nobody suspects is that somewhere hidden in his house there’s a portrait that gets older and uglier by the day. The end of the story is full of intense feelings that remain for a long while after the book is finished.

Also by Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost presents a very humane picture of a suffering spirit that haunts an old chase in England, wishing only one thing, to finally die.

And talking about ghost stories, one that is perfect for the occasion is The Phantom of the Opera by the French author Gaston Leroux. In this story, a man in pain haunts the Opera House in Paris, wishing for one of singers to fall in love with him, taking extreme measures to make her realize how much he loves her. It’s this love, though, what at the end, makes him set her free of the horrors of his obsession.

An author that of course has to be in this list, is the American writer Edgar Allan Poe due to his amazing capacity to describe through his words the deepest fears of the human beings. Although he has several short stories, the one that has remain stuck in my mind is The Pit and Pendulum.

A different kind of style is offered by Agatha Christie, the British writer who developed the fine art of Mystery writing. In her novels like The man in the brown suit, Christie develops the story in a unique way similar to those presents that are kept in a box that is within another box, and this box is set inside of another box, an so on. So, without even noticing it, the story suddenly offers the reader a variety of characters and situations, each one with a life of its own, but that in the end they manage to relate to each other surprisingly well.

And now that the mood is set, the only thing that’s to say is: Happy Halloween!


Weekly Photo: Foreign

Fascinating cities.
A breath taking view of a foreign place.

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Weekly Photo: Silohuette

Good times.
I love to photograph this kind of scenes where everything looks natural and peaceful.

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Laura Ingalls’ daughter and the story of Henry Ford

By Nora Vasconcelos

I have to say that I have watched on TV The Little House on the Prairie series over and over, ever since I was a little girl, but it was until recently when a question crossed my mind: What happened to Laura Ingalls’ daughter, Rose Wilder, as the books written by Laura only account for her girl as a little baby.

So, of course, curious as I am, I did a little research on the internet and I was pretty pleased when I discovered that Rose Wilder did an extensive work as a journalist and as a writer.

The first book that caught my attention was Henry Ford’s own story (1917), in which Rose managed to present a lively biography in which Ford is described in a very detailed way since he was a little boy growing up in a farm near Detroit.

Wilder Lane captured the restless personality of the young Henry who found so boring the farm chores, that he started to think in different ways to “automatized” them. His several attempts guided him to his biggest invention: the Ford motor car.

However, to achieve this goal, Ford had to work really hard for many years in Detroit as for him to save enough money to built his machine. He also had to find people interested in his machine, being a dinner owner his very first investor.

After his first automobile was complete, Ford started to participate in car races to show the power of his machine and to raise more money for him to improve his own design. Both goals in which he succeeded, this situation allowed him to start his very own company. This was the beginning of the Ford Motor Company.

As for Rose Wilder Lane, the writing world took her to travel around the world and to be the author of more biographies such as The story of Art Smith and The making of Herbert Hoover. She also wrote different pieces of fiction like Diverging Roads and He was a man, and some non-fiction travel stories based on her own trips.

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Weekly Photo: Big

I can’t never get enough of this view, a big bridge for a big city. Cheers to San Francisco and the Golden Gate! 🙂

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Ups and downs of a Dream

Recipes for life.
One year after the Great Depression in the United States (1929), Mildred Pierce, a mother of two and recently divorced, faces the question: How would she be able to support her family?

After looking for a long time, she finally takes a job as a waitress in a dinner. It’s in this place where she finds out that her ability to bake wonderful and delicious desserts can give her the opportunity to start her own business.

With the help of a friend, and a business partner to be, Mildred opens her first restaurant offering only one dish: Chicken. The catch for the customers is that they won’t be able to resist the temptation of taking one of the delicious fresh made pays made by the same pierce.

As time passes by, her fame as a cook grows, that much that she opens two more restaurants, with a great success and becomes a very wealthy woman.

But things won’t remain so “sweet” for this character created in 1941 by James Cain (the same author of The Postman always ring twice).

So, as the novel under the name Mildred Pierce goes, this successful woman who has been strong enough to conquer the top of the business world with her restaurants, has also to deal with the drawbacks of her personal life.

It so that a series of reckless decisions related to her lovers and her older daughter, make Mildred lose her money and her whole restaurant empire.

At the end, Mildred, reconciles with herself after taking some time to understand who something that was so good went so wrong, and gets the strength that she hadn’t found before to cut all the strings with the people that she loved but that were the cause of her ruin.

It’s then when she feels free and happy again. Ready to start a new life.

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Weekly Photo: Happy

Happines to go.
How this lovely teddy bear won’t be happy if he’s going on a trip, safely packed as for him to enjoy every minute of the traveling experience!

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Weekly Photo: Mine

Colorful and beautiful.
Every time I see a beautiful flower, I like to take a photo of it so I can keep it in my very own “digital garden”.

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