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Text and Photo by Nora VasconcelosRainy love by NVS

One of those days that I allow myself to wonder for hours around a bookstore I found Out of the Rain, a book by Debbie Macomber. As I like a lot Macomber’s work with the Blossom street and the Christmas series (specially Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle), I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy this book in which, the author explores “two ways to look at marriage”.

In the first part of the book, Marriage Wanted, Macomber brings to live two strong characters with opposite positions related to Marriege, Savannah is a born romantic while Nash is still dealing with the anger and dissapoinment that his divorce brought to him and that has made him distrust love.

The plot is easy to follow although this two characters make the reader sometimes wish it’d be possible to help them come to their senses and stop fighting. However, it’s through all this arguing that Savannah and Nash fall in love and manage, with lots of difficulties, to find some common ground for their love and their believes.

In the second part of the book, Laughter in the rain, Abby Carpenter suddendly finds herself at a crossroad where she has to decide between her very predictable and practical boyfriend, and a new guy who’s totally the opposite, unpredictable and very exciting.

As it has happened to me with each one of the books by Debbie Macomber, when I finished Out of the rain, I had this easy feeling of happines and relaxation that good stories always bring to me.

And, as Macomber herself says in her opening letter, “my hope is that you’ll curl up with this book some rainy afternoon, a hut cup of tea (I actually had a cup of hot cappucino) in hand, and become engrossed in these stories”.

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Weekly Photo: Love

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Charming Flowers
Charming Flowers
There may no be a reasonable explanation why flower are usually related to love, but sure they are always right to cheer up loved people and to bring a big smile to strangers passing by.

Flowers always appear in romantic novels and they are a key element in romantic movies.

So, for me me, one of the multiple images of love is this: colorful flower floating on a pond, just like the lilies that Claude Monet painted from his loved garden in Giverny.

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Isaac Asimov: An imaginative mind without limits

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Infinite Horizons.
Infinite Horizons.
Last year around this time a unique book came to my hands, The end of Eternity by Isaac Asimov, captured my mind since the very beginning, filling my mind with vivid images about how the Eternity could look like, with all its different eras, and the “headquarters of the “eternals” who took care (and some times determined the faith) of the life of the “non-eternals” as to prevent any major changes at any given era that could affect or impact the prevalence of eternity.

However, this big bosses of the eternity weren’t counting on their plans falling apart for one factor that throughout history has usually caused unexpected turns: love. So, as it happened, one eternal, who was meant to be a key element on the creation and preservation of Eternity, fell in loved. 

It was the internal fight of this eternal who fell in love with a non-eternal that made him break the rules and go against all he had ever believed in. This love and his assumptions that he had been betrayed made him become one of the elements that caused “the end of Eternity”, to leave instead, the beginning of Infinity.

Although I finished this book in a couple of days, it’s impact in my reader’s mind has lasted up to know, admiring the way Asimov mastered the art of writing combining in his book elements of suspense, romance and science fiction.

I’ve also found more and more elements in this novel that seem to have become a reference for sci-fi book writers and screenplay writers focused on time traveling stories.

As for me, one year later, I still feel honored that I had the chance to read such magnificent work. So many thanks Mr. Asimov, wherever you are from here to infinity! 🙂

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Weekly Photo: Beyond

Photo by Nora VasconcelosBeyond by NVSI always find old structures really interesting, not only for their forms, but for all the light and shadows that manage to get around as if they were playing with the structure itself to create new life out of it, changing constantly with endless possibilities that go beyond our imagination.

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Starting the year in a jazzy mood

Text and Photo by Nora VasconcelosMusical times by NVS

It might as well be the relaxation that comes with the holidays, but I’ve defenitely started this year in a cheerful “jazzy” mood, so, to set my musical high spirits with my reading hunger, I’ve just got this fantastic knoledge cards box that’s called What do you know about Jazz by Michael Ehlers.

In this 48-card deck, the author features all sort of questions and comments that allow the reader both to have an enjoyable time and to learn lots and lots of things about jazz music and the people who’ve lived to create and to keep it alive through the years.

Ehlers writing is so dynamic and well documented that’s really hard to stop passing the cards one after another. Specially because along with all the stories and anecdotes each card brings a listening suggestion.

In the cards also can be found some reading suggestions, naming books written by jazz musicians such as Music is my Mistress by Duke Ellington and The trouble with Cinderella by Artie Shaw.

So, now that I’m In the mood, I’ll just keep on reading about all that jazz.


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Weekly Phto: Illumination

Photo by Nora Vasconcelos

I love this colorful combination that brings to live the city at night 😀

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