Faces of love

Text and Photo by Nora VasconcelosRainy love by NVS

One of those days that I allow myself to wonder for hours around a bookstore I found Out of the Rain, a book by Debbie Macomber. As I like a lot Macomber’s work with the Blossom street and the Christmas series (specially Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle), I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy this book in which, the author explores “two ways to look at marriage”.

In the first part of the book, Marriage Wanted, Macomber brings to live two strong characters with opposite positions related to Marriege, Savannah is a born romantic while Nash is still dealing with the anger and dissapoinment that his divorce brought to him and that has made him distrust love.

The plot is easy to follow although this two characters make the reader sometimes wish it’d be possible to help them come to their senses and stop fighting. However, it’s through all this arguing that Savannah and Nash fall in love and manage, with lots of difficulties, to find some common ground for their love and their believes.

In the second part of the book, Laughter in the rain, Abby Carpenter suddendly finds herself at a crossroad where she has to decide between her very predictable and practical boyfriend, and a new guy who’s totally the opposite, unpredictable and very exciting.

As it has happened to me with each one of the books by Debbie Macomber, when I finished Out of the rain, I had this easy feeling of happines and relaxation that good stories always bring to me.

And, as Macomber herself says in her opening letter, “my hope is that you’ll curl up with this book some rainy afternoon, a hut cup of tea (I actually had a cup of hot cappucino) in hand, and become engrossed in these stories”.

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Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

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