Words covered with chocolate

By Nora Vasconcelos

Chocolate by NVSBeing a chocolate lover, I always enjoy reading books and stories that talk about chocolate, either if they are fiction or talk about a real experience. This is the case of Food, glorious food, written by Trish Nicholson or her blog Words in the Tree House.

The post is a delightful piece that takes the readers to the streets of Petone, New Zeland, where several stores master the art of chocolate and tempt people to try their several creations.

After reading this story, I immediately started thinking about how the written word has the power to make our minds travel to different places and our senses perceive aromas and smells that are not actually there, but only in the realm of our memories.

In this case, the sweet smell of chocolate combined in my mind with the relaxing experience of being wondering in a foreign town while being amazed by the varieties of chocolates created by true artists.

It also came to my mind some of the posts I’ve written myself where I connect chocolate and books, and recall literary pieces that talk about the wonders of chocolate with historical, and sometimes fictional, stories about how much this brownish (and some times white or milky) delicatessen has transformed the world with its flavor, texture, smell and form.

After all, as Charles M. Shulz once said “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”.

White chocolate truffles by David Leggett
White_chocolate_truffles by David Leggett

Licencia Creative Commons

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