Starting the year in a jazzy mood

Text and Photo by Nora VasconcelosMusical times by NVS

It might as well be the relaxation that comes with the holidays, but I’ve defenitely started this year in a cheerful “jazzy” mood, so, to set my musical high spirits with my reading hunger, I’ve just got this fantastic knoledge cards box that’s called What do you know about Jazz by Michael Ehlers.

In this 48-card deck, the author features all sort of questions and comments that allow the reader both to have an enjoyable time and to learn lots and lots of things about jazz music and the people who’ve lived to create and to keep it alive through the years.

Ehlers writing is so dynamic and well documented that’s really hard to stop passing the cards one after another. Specially because along with all the stories and anecdotes each card brings a listening suggestion.

In the cards also can be found some reading suggestions, naming books written by jazz musicians such as Music is my Mistress by Duke Ellington and The trouble with Cinderella by Artie Shaw.

So, now that I’m In the mood, I’ll just keep on reading about all that jazz.


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