Lifetime passions contained in small packages

By Nora Vasconcelos

Surprises in a box.
Surprises in a box.
Loving books is a passion that makes absolutely impossible to pass by a bookstore and not going inside. Once inside, it’s like the readers paradise. Time just passes by as if it were not actually passing by.

The bookstore becomes an imaginary maze in which it’s really easy to get lost and the desire to go somewhere else simply disappears. And then when the clock says it’s time to go, the pressing feeling of trying to gather as much as it’s possible in the very last minutes at the bookstore, makes the eyes become a hunter that see as far as possible to see if there’s one more book to be bought before the line end at the cashier.

It’s there when these lovely small books and little boxes containing amazing and unbelievable topics appear, And it’s there when I’m always unable to resist the temptation to see what last-minute novelty I can find.

Of course, I never get dissapointed, and of course, I’m always very satisfy with my acquisitions once I finally manage to leave the store.

My last three little purchases are about three of my dearest passions in life: books, coffee and chocolate

Quick look at great books, by W. John Cambell, is a little box that contains 48 cards with literary references to the same ammount of classic titles of all times literature. On one side of the card there’s information about a book and an author, and on the other side there’s a diagram that helps the reader to have a clear idea about the plot of the book.

All About Coffee, by Evelyn Sinclair, is a quiz deck, also with 48 cards, but in this case, on one side of the card there’s a question related to coffee, and on the other side, the answer.

And, Chocolate, the Exquisite Indulgence, printed by Running Press, is a lovely small book that manages to contain 126 pages with photos, history, recipes and quotes, all related to choclate. It’s so beautifuly presented that it’s hard not to get hungry while going through it.

So, now that I’m very pleased with my little treasures, I just want to say: Cheers to little literary surprises contained in small packages!

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Weekly Photo: Through

Layers of beauty.
Layers of beauty by NVS.
Walking through gardens is one of the things I enjoy the most because I always get amazed by the simplicity and the beauty that every flower has and how being so small every flower is so colorful and unique.

Every step I take a new surprises appear and it’s almost impossible not to keep looking through the site as curiosity always make me look ahead to have a small taste of what’s to come while still enjoying as many flowers and plants as I’m able to see while walking through the relaxing paths of any given garden.

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Weekly Photo: Indulge

Happy times!
Thinking about this indulgement, many ideas came to my mind, I thought of ice cream, and cake, and chocolates, and fast food, and shopping and fun. So that, I have here the perfect photo that has all of these things together. A lovely place where I sepent a wonderful time, just having fun and indulging my self with delicious treats! 😀

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Jane Austen words for troubled souls

Let Jane Austen comfort you.
For many years Patrice Hannon has spent her time teaching her students about the works of Jane Austen. After a while, Hannon noticed how much some students related to Austen’s characters and how they found comfort on the advice given among the characters of Austen’s novels.

One day, Hannon came up with the idea of working on a manuscript with the style of a self-help book, in which imaginary readers wrote letters to “Dear Jane Austen”. The answers to this conflicted readers would come from Jane Austen novels.

By this way, the book Dear Jane Austen, A hereoine’s guide to Life and Love became not only a way to go through the famous English writer’s work, but also a place where it’s nice to stay, as the conflicts and troubles presented are common in our everyday life and the answers are so well selected that it’s almost possible to see Jane Austen actually answering those letters.

The book approaches different aspects of life such as family and friends, the world around ourselves and our own character. Through this topics, it’s possible to get immerse into some of the novels written by Austen such as Emma, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

In the end, in only 156 pages, Hannon manages to touch the readers heart and make it feel real close to Jane Austen work.

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Weekly Photo: Regret

Pain and Sorrow.

How much sorrow it’s expressed by this sculpture that shows the pain and regrets of a tormented soul that desperately prays for its troubles to be ended.

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Weekly Photo: Hope

Coloring illutions.
Walking around one of these days I came across this bulding. The colorful flowers on the balconies of a high apartment caught my attention as they made the whole building to come alive even as it was the only part where a little color could be found. I loved the idea that the tenants didn’t lose hope and tried to have their flowers no matter what, nor the winter time neither the distinction of being the only ones standing out. All in all, I like the whole composition, both visual and humane.

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Weekly Photo: Simple

The wonders of taking a moment and seeing around.
Life is full of simple things that might seem really small, but they are there for us, letting us see all its essence at a glance, and if we had the chance to stop for a little while and really observe them, we can get a special moment of peace and inspiration.

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