Traveling and Suspense: An entertaining combination

I’ve just finished reading The Broker by John Grisham and I have to say that I enjoyed every single page of it.

Although I’ve read several novels by Grisham, what I found outstanding in this one was the author’s ability to combine the pleasures of traveling with the suspense of a thrilling chase of a disgraced lawyer who has to run for his life around Italy, Switzerland and the U.S.

With a very fast pace, the book also gives the reader the chance to relax and enjoy the very detailed descriptions of the small town of Treviso and the big areas of Bologna, with their tasty Trattorias and Cafés and their stylish way of living.

While the chase’s going on, the main character faces the challenge of not only running for his live but adjusting to a different culture and learning a foreign language, which totally remained me of the early days of a student or a traveler trying to grasp for any word that sounds familiar in order to participate in a conversation or to get the simplest things in life such a cup of coffee.

The descriptions are so clear that it’s easy to picture everyone of the scenes that are presented as the lawyer runs out of time to escape from the “bad guys” who want to get ride of him, at the same time that he manages to get closer to home by the hour.

With one last ace up his sleeve, “the broker” plays his final game, risking all what he has and what he has tried to save, hoping that this time, things will work out just fine for him.

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An unexpected Christmas celebration

Text and Photo by Nora Vasconcelos

Happy Holidays Season!
John Grisham is a very well known author whose works is often linked to suspense stories in which lawyers are involved trying to help deseperate helpless people. But this time, the author has prepared a surprising story in which Christmas is the main character.

Skipping Christmas is not a classical seasonal story as it reflects all the stress that people can get while getting ready for the holidays season, from buying the right tree to fighting the crowds in order to get the right ingridients for Christmas dinner and the exact presents for everybody.

As the story goes by, one family manages to come up with an ingenious plan to skip the whole celebration, thinking that this will not only help them find some relief from the stress that they get every year, but also to save some money.

What they don’t have in mind is that John Grisham has prepared a completely different plan for them, and as much as they want to forget all about Christmas, it keeps coming around their lives.

One obstacle after another will appear in their lives until the very end of the story, when suspense and emotions are the main ingredients of their very own Christmas celebration!

Happy Holidays! 😀

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