Labyrinths and Mazes…can you find your way out?

Text and Photo by Nora Vasconcelos

Where your decisions may take you.
Where your decisions may take you.
For a long time I’ve felt attracted to solving labyrinths and mazes, so, little by little I’ve gone through different intriguing books that show different kind of interesting places.

Magical Labyrinths, Journeys Through Space and Time, is a book written by Bertrun Jeitner-Hartmann and illustrated by Thomas Thiemeyer, shows 12 unusual 3D labyrinths which are placed in strange and unique spots, so that while solving them it’s easy to fell that the structure is place in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, deep down in the Ocean close to the Atlantida, or over there, really really far away in the outer space.

This book also gives an interesting explanation about how labyrinths have evolve through the years and how they have had different meanings that go from being mystical spots to be places where people can have fun or get to know them better.

A much more complex book is the one called Maze, The world’s most challenging puzzle, created by Christopher Manson. Here, the author starts the maze with a warning that says: “this is not really a book. This is a building in the shape of a book”.

Throughout the maze, different rooms and riddles are shown at the same time that a story is told, so that the readers can “walk” through the rooms of a complex construction, where several clues to solve the puzzle are hidden, by looking closely at these clues and solving the riddles, the explorers might be lucky enough to leave this enchanted place in only 16 steps. Of course, it’s quite complicated to do it so, so, you can spend several weeks, even months lost in this place trying to find your way out.

Another book I’ve found really amusing is Storming a Castle, a maze adventure. This book, by Graham White, it’s focused on younger readers, however the lovely and well detailed drawings of an ancient castle are so wonderful that it’s hard to pass on this book.

Here, a young man and his father have to find the way in and the out of a castle, while they meet all kind of challenges. During all this time, many details about how castles were built and how middle age cities were at that time are given.

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