The sinking ot the Titanic. When fiction becomes true

By Nora Vasconcelos

The amazing story of a doomed voyage.
The amazing story of a doomed voyage.
I’ve always being amazed by those authors who have the outstanding capacity to write works of fiction that feel absolutely real, although their plots talk about things that are not real, inserted into the real world.

And it’s even more amazing when this imaginary realities, born and developed in a novel, become true, as it has happened in many times with the stories written by Jules Verne.

This week I’ve been surprised one more time, learning that the American author Morgan Robertson described in his book Futility (also known as The Wreck of the Titan) a story very similar to the actual one that took the Titanc ship down into the ocean in April, 1912.

In his book, published in 1898, Roberson called the boat Titan, and it was a fancy ship able to carry 2,000 people on the sea where it finally sank in April after hitting an iceberg.

As it happened 14 years later, the book by Robertson described the ship as ‘unsinkable’ and ‘indestructible’, but when the momenent of the truth came through, the boat actually went down, with almost all its passangers dying due to insuficient resourses to save them.

Roberson writing is easy to read and make the reader feel like a very close witness who’s able to see, step by step, the doomed voyage that started like a luxury cruise and ended in a terrible tragedy.

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Books are all around!

 The best of times.
The best of times.
One of these days, I turned my head and a big smile came onto my face when I saw that there were books all around me! Here and there all kind of books at my hand, and that made me feel really comfortable, just the same as when I’m around dear people.

Sometimes I’ve read that books can’t talk or that books can give you anything back, but for me, it’s not like that. I hear the worlds written by the authors coming out from the books straight to my head, and I like the knowledge and the emotions that I can get while reading my books.

H.G Wells used to say that “we all have our time-machines, the ones that take us to the past are our memoires and the ones that takes us to the future are our dreams”. And I totally agree with him. But I also have to say that to me, books are another form of time-machine that take me to the most unexpected, beautiful and daring places.

One after the other, all of them help me travel anywhere in the world, and even to other places in the universe, diferent times and dimensions, without even paying a plane fare or being part of a time-traveling experiment. I just take my books, and my mind goes free, away from the world around. 😀

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Many faces of winter.

Who wants to come here?

It’s really cold and there’s no one outside to enjoy the lakeview.

The sky is gray and the clouds come along.

The benches are empty and the seagulls fly around trying to get one more fish.

The temperature keeps droping, and the sense of emptiness grows.

And then, they there are. Wonderful roses that have managed to survive the restless winter that still can’t decide how cold it would be.

Some roses haven’t survived, some others, in full bloom lie right there over the bench canopy waiting for someone to come around and sit down there, ready to enjoy the magnificent view despite the cold, to challenge the silence that has taken over the place.

Who wants to come here? The wind seems to ask… Who will visit us? The roses agree.

And then, a golden sunrays shyly appears, crossing with a big effort the heavy silver clouds that cover the scene.

“I want to stay,” says the sunray. “There’s nothing more peaceful and beautiful than this lakeview.”

The sunray stays all the day long, enjoying the lakeview, comfortably seated on the benches cover by the canopy full of roses, some in full bloom and some others not, listening to the wind humming around him and seeing the seagulls peacefully flying around, wating for the last minitues of the day to take him back home.

The sunray doesn’t want to leave just yet. But the sunset is close, calling him back. He has to go. But now he has a new place to stay every day until the spring comes back and takes him to beautiful places to shine again.

(A story by Nora Vasconcelos)

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