Is Kafka’s own life reflected in his work?

While reading The Metamorphosis many passages of my visit to Prague came back to my mind. Specially those ones related to the places where Kafka used to live and work. I remember that the tourist guide told us about Kafka’s sister taking care of him while he was sick and also how unhappy he was with his job as an office worker. That made me think that Kafka was reflecting himself in his novel, showing pieces of his family life. That made me feel a bit concerned about this reflection of his life is that he must have felt terribly sophocated and stressed out as for him to depict himself as a giagiant insect.
If my appreciation is correct I also wonder, what would he think if he had the chance to see how much his work has influenced literature throughout the years…? Would he be happy?


Author: The Traveling Book Club by Nora Vasconcelos

I'm a born writer and a journalist who loves books so much that can't live without them.

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